Stewardship of the local Environment and Social Justice is accomplished through Shopping Second Hand in your area!

My Topic is: Stewardship of the Local Environment and Social Justice is accomplished by Shopping Second Hand locally.
Shopping Second Hand is the most effective form of Sustainable Shopping because goods are already made and will be going to waste if not reused.
Shopping Second Hand includes: Resale, Consignment, Thrift shops, Vintage and Antique sellers, Rummage and Garage sales, Flea markets,, Craig’s list, Swap parties.
Social Justice is achieved because we are giving back to small and local business, and the second hand/thrift shops that support the local and country wide justice and welfare programs for people and animals.
90% OFF Every Day, is a pocket guide for Effective Second Hand Shopping. I was in the Wall Street Journal as a Second Hand Tour Guide and as a guest on KGO Radio Newstalk with Ronn Owens for my book. 90% OFF Every Day! the book, teaches you how to Shop Second Hand Shop efficiently, locally and give back to your community.
Diana Tenes, Author
For Bio, credentials, radio interviews(archived) and press go to

About dianatenes

I was born in San Jose/Silicon Valley and raised in the Bay Area. I have been writing poetry since I was a child and recently started to share it. I read some poems at a Poetry meeting for the first time last year. I have co written, produced and directed children's theater in the East Bay. I have self published a guide to eco-friendly, second hand shopping and recycling "90% OFF Every Day! available on Amazon and Kindle. I have worked as an Actress, Make-up Artist for Film/TV and Face Painter, Costume Designer and run a small business selling vintage clothing (pop-ups).
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