Poem: Democracy has Spoken

I wrote this poem as a response to the election of Mr. Donald Trump and as a reflection of what is going on in my community and the nation.

Democracy has Spoken by Diana Tenes November 2016

Our President is Trump
We can try to impeach him
We cannot deny who he is
Our Hearts are broken
Why was he elected?!
This can go on for years!
People are protesting
People are scared and anxious

Democracy Has Spoken

What do we do now?
How do we continue on?
What will our lives look like?
What will the future hold?
We look to each other:
Give back Love not Hate!
Give Back Hope not Fear!
We can do good for each other NOW

Democracy Has Spoken

“We hold these truths to be self- evident”
Our Presidents have all been white men
Except One
Except One

Democracy Has Spoken

Children from across the border
Don’t want to go to school
They are afraid to be deported!
Who has done this?
A white man with big pockets and a big mouth

Democracy Has Spoken

People erupting in towns and cities against our Democracy
People wondering how has this happened?
He does not represent us- Or what we stand for as a nation!?
But He Does.
The Electoral Vote said So

Democracy Has Spoken

People Cry and Wail
Rightfully so
Mourning has become a truth
Yet “Trump is the Man”

Democracy has Spoken

Lift your Spirit
Lift your eyes
Lift your hands
Raise your voice
Sing out Loud
Stomp your feet
Dance Around
A new day is beginning
We can learn to hold hands with those that elected “The New Man”

Democracy has Spoken

We will never forget
What our forefathers said;
“We are all created equal”
Now is the time to prove it
More than ever

Democracy Has Spoken

And never so loud as it has been now!
Free people are protesting their President!?
America has voted and this is what happened!?
Are we on the losing team now?
Or can we hope for a Victory?
We can hope, but will anything good come of this presidency?
We are in this together!
Whether we like it or not!

Democracy has Spoken

We can choose to not align ourselves with “The Other”
Because “He and They” do not represent
Who we are as human beings
This Man has the Qualities That America has allowed and promoted
In our media and our Country;
Greed and taking advantage of any system, person, business, organization or laws
In order to benefit oneself or family or pocketbook.
Is this a crime ? A philosophy or choice of lifestyle?
“Do what you want to do when you feel like it” , is a mantra for millions regardless of your vote or whether you chose to vote.

Democracy has Spoken

And what can we do ?
Half of us didn’t get what we want.
We didn’t get what we want in a president.
And He does represent the other Half.
We have the choice to continue to protest and deny and rally against and try to undermine.
Is this nation doomed ?
Can we still hope? Can we have change without the country falling apart?
There are systems and checks in place .
Let us hold accountable our leaders who can advise and Monitor.

Democracy Has Spoken

Let us hold accountable each other;
For each person to be fair and kind and loving and peaceful
This is the New Order
Get Out Now While you can!
Or use your Freedom to Elevate Yourself and Family and Friends.
How do we rise above this?
This is the Question
This is the Challenge
This is the Hope
For the next Four Years.
That we can rise above
That we can hold onto each other in a way that will contribute to Understanding and a Bridge
We are left with Each Other…
What will we do with“The Other”?
“The Other” is here with us now
“The Other” is the other half of the country who voted for Him
“The Other” is half the United States
Are we better than “The Other”?
Or can we find a way to walk and talk together and Work Together?

Democracy has Spoken

Are they really“The Other”?
Or are they just a reflection of ourselves that we want to hide
Or pretend is not part of our history, our Legacy of the United States.
Our Country was founded by European White Men;
Who believed this land was theirs even though they were from somewhere else.
Native Americans were Destroyed and Displaced,
Left without a home and placed in a Reservation.
Africans were Bought and Brought here to serve white European Americans.
Mexicans and Mexican land was taken and turned into the United States.

Let us not forget the legacy of our founding fathers:
Japanese- American Internment
Segregation for Colored people: Including African Americans, Mexicans and Mexican Americans
Women not being able to vote.
Different Races or Ethnicities not being able to Marry
Homosexuals not being able to Marry

We as a nation fought to change all these things.
We must continue to fight for our freedoms

Democracy Has Spoken


About dianatenes

I was born in San Jose/Silicon Valley and raised in the Bay Area. I have been writing poetry since I was a child and recently started to share it. I read some poems at a Poetry meeting for the first time last year. I have co written, produced and directed children's theater in the East Bay. I have self published a guide to eco-friendly, second hand shopping and recycling "90% OFF Every Day! available on Amazon and Kindle. I have worked as an Actress, Make-up Artist for Film/TV and Face Painter, Costume Designer and run a small business selling vintage clothing (pop-ups). https://www.facebook.com/894408793925661/videos/vb.894408793925661/908989729134234/?type=2&theater https://www.instagram.com/artistebythebay/ https://www.imakefaces.com http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0854952/ https://www.yelp.com/biz/i-make-faces-vallejo https://www.facebook.com/DianasDressingRoom/ https://www.facebook.com/imakefacess/
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