Poem: “Celeste” by Diana Dec. 18, 2016

This poem was written for my sister who loves animals.
She loves all kinds of animals even imaginary ones.

Jumping Horse
Jumping high
Jumping low
Across the benches
Across the sunset
Across the fields

Screeching through the clouds
Screeching through the skies
Screeching through the rainbows

Lying next to water 
Lying next to a rat 
Lying in the gravel
Sleeping on a branch
Sleeping in the warm sun
Sleeping on an arm

Hiding behind the sofa
Hiding behind a blanket
Hiding behind the door
Looking Deep into your eyes
Looking deep into your heart
Looking deep into your soul


About dianatenes

I was born in San Jose/Silicon Valley and raised in the Bay Area. I have been writing poetry since I was a child and recently started to share it. I read some poems at a Poetry meeting for the first time last year. I have co written, produced and directed children's theater in the East Bay. I have self published a guide to eco-friendly, second hand shopping and recycling "90% OFF Every Day! available on Amazon and Kindle. I have worked as an Actress, Make-up Artist for Film/TV and Face Painter, Costume Designer and run a small business selling vintage clothing (pop-ups). https://www.facebook.com/894408793925661/videos/vb.894408793925661/908989729134234/?type=2&theater https://www.instagram.com/artistebythebay/ https://www.imakefaces.com http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0854952/ https://www.yelp.com/biz/i-make-faces-vallejo https://www.facebook.com/DianasDressingRoom/ https://www.facebook.com/imakefacess/
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