Jesus was

was homeless
a vagrant
a tan, dark skinned with long hair
a scruffy looking Jew
wandering the streets at all hours
perhaps not a beggar

was dependent on others
to house and feed him
as he journeyed
so he could tell stories
pray and heal other’s
do assorted miracles
and hang out with destitute, diseased, criminals
and anyone else society deemed
unfavorable or untouchable

was always asking his father for help with
food, blessings, forgiveness, direction, freedom
why did he need to walk on water?
… to show he was a spiritual master; a guru
his disciples followed him diligently
but lacked faith from time to time
and asked him to prove that Jesus was who he said he was
a son of God
the son of God

his disciples saw Jesus come back from the dead
and they did not recognize him
it was him in a different form
Jesus reincarnated

Diana Tenes


About dianatenes

I was born in San Jose/Silicon Valley and raised in the Bay Area. I have been writing poetry since I was a child and recently started to share it. I read some poems at a Poetry meeting for the first time last year. I have co written, produced and directed children's theater in the East Bay. I have self published a guide to eco-friendly, second hand shopping and recycling "90% OFF Every Day! available on Amazon and Kindle. I have worked as an Actress, Make-up Artist for Film/TV and Face Painter, Costume Designer and run a small business selling vintage clothing (pop-ups).
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